Places to Start

There is so much people can do when it comes to accessibility! For some of you, this may be the beginning of thinking more intentionally and expansively about accessibility, while for others this may be an opportunity to deepen your understanding of access (see #10 in our list below) or share more about it with the people in your life. ​

Below you'll find 1) questions you can reflect on and share your responses to on social media or in person with people in your life. 2) A list of basic access suggestions as a place to start.

We also recommend that you check out our reading and resources list to learn more!

Join the conversation:

Using the hashtag #AccessIsLove join our ongoing conversation on access, solidarity, and disability justice as a practice of love. We encourage you to share your thoughts on social media or in conversations with people around you.

Ways to start: Creating Access

There is so much more people can do when it comes to accessibility. These are just a handful of basic suggestions we offer as a place to start. Access should be a collective responsibility, instead of the sole responsibility of it being placed on just one or two individuals. It is all of our responsibility to think about and help create accessible spaces and community. This is not about everything being 100% accessible to everyone, but rather centering access as a core part of the way that we want to live in the world together--as a core part of our liberation.