2018 DIS National Presenters

Saturday October 13th

MIT Stratton Student Center

84 Mass Ave Cambridge, MA 

All presentation titles are subject to change per request of our presenters. 

Presentations will be simultaneous, and organized across several break-out rooms to allow attendees choices. Schedules will be made available to ticket-holders only. 

Alice Sheppard

"Dance Performance" 

Arianne Garcia

"Increasing Resources for Autistic Women and People of Color"

BrAGLY: Brockton Alliance of GLBT Youth: Kayla Shanks, Kiana Teixiera 

"Intersections of being a disabled youth"

ChrisTiana ObeySumner 

"Decolonizing My Diagnosis: My story of institutional racism and ancestral deliverance"

Dawn Welters 

"Audism: The Silent Microaggression" 

Denarii Grace

"The Elephant in the Waiting Room: Self-Love, Health, and Queering Fat Acceptance" 

Disability Justice Network of Ontario: Sarah Jama, Shanthiya Baheerathan, Eminet Dagnachew  

"The Era of Modern Eugenics: an in-depth examination of violence against people with disabilities"

Douglas Rogers and Shaya French 

"There's no disability justice behind bars"

Gloria Jackson Nefertiti

"Transcending Shame" 

Izzy Kaufman 

"Disability Across the Rainbow"

Kerry Thompson

"Movements to Move the Marginalized from the Margins" 

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (author talk / book reading) 

"Boston Book Launch, Reading and Author Discussion, Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice?

Mahdia Lynn  

"Radical Accessibility: A Dis/Abled Organizers' Manifesto" 

Mason Wicks-Lim  

"Advocating for Others / Advocating for Myself: The Story of a youth activist with a disability"

Mia Ives-RubleeKat Perez, Arianne Garcia (panel presentation)

"On the Margins: Why Immigration is a Disability Rights Issue" 

Naomi Ortiz (author talk / book reading)

"Mending Spirits: Disabled Mestiza Self-Care" 


Sorretie Jaro, Pauline Bosma (panel presentation)



Timotheus Gordon Jr  

"Autistic Identity in the African Diaspora" ​​​

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