2016 Program of Presenters
Non-Profit Center
Boston, MA

Heather Watkins, Keynote
"Have Cane Will Strut to New Disability Activism"

Lydia X.Z. Brown
"Disability Justice Intersection with Racial Justice, and Queer/Trans Liberation"

Shain M. Neumeier
"For Your Own Good: Coercive Care in the Lives of Marginalized People"

YouTube videos DIS 2016:

While most of the presentations were recorded on video we were not able to capture all of them due to technical challenges, and we apologize for this. We ask that these videos, and all DIS-related content remain under Fair Use for education, organizing, and radical movement-building purposes. Please credit DIS, and the presenter's work. 


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Holly Pearson
"Rethinking/Reapproaching Institutional Diversity: From an Intersectional Interspatial Lens"

Mickey Thompson
"Whips and Chains Excite Me Too: Kink & Disability"

Jessica Lynn Gimeno
"Breaking Down Barriers in Asian-American Mental Health"

Alisha Vasquez
"(dis)Ability, Capitalism, and Nation-States"

Vilissa K. Thompson
"#DisabilityTooWhite: Disability Community and its Diversity Problem"

Eddie B. Ellis
"Open Your Eyes"

Maria Hernandez (Conchita)
"Being Disabled and Undocumented: Experiences and Resources"

Rebecca Cokley
"National Council on Disability: Continuing Intersectional Work"

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