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About Deafies in Drag:
The fabulous comedian duo, Selena Minogue and Casavina, started creating Deafies in Drag Show videos in 2015. They are both Deaf, Latinx, and Queer drag queens who perform and create shows for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. The show talks about Deaf struggles, language barriers, and educating the life of Deaf community through comedy. 
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Image Description:
Deafies in Drag logo
Image Description:
Casavina on the left is wearing black beehive wig, silver hoop earrings, red dress, and red lipstick. Selena on the right is wearing short brown wig, pink lipstick and pink ruffle blouse.
About Dior Vargas:
Dior Vargas, MS, MPH is a Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist. She lives with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and traits of borderline personality disorder, and she is a suicide attempt survivor. She is the creator of the People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project, a response to the invisibility of people of color in the media representation of mental illness. She is also the editor of The Color of My Mind, a photo essay book based on the photo project. Dior tours the country giving keynotes, hosting workshops, and speaking on panels. Her work and insight have been covered in media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Newsweek, and NBC News Latino. Dior is the recipient of numerous awards including, The White House Champion of Change for Disability Advocacy Across Generations under the Obama Administration. Dior has a BA in the Study of Women and Gender from Smith College, an MS in Publishing from Pace University, and an MPH from New York University. She is a native New Yorker and currently lives in New York City. 
Image Description:
a light-skinned Latina wearing a green blouse smiling at the camera. she has medium length brown hair and is wearing red lipstick.
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